26th April

Had a very good Easter weekend when we welcomed a small number of residential guests and some local visitors for evening meals

5th May

More violence in Gaza. Please pray for it to end

9th May

Andy has found four young people to go out to Romania to help with the summer youth camp. Please pray for the planning, preparation and that the necessary finance may be found.

10th May

The divisions in the UK over Brexit are a great cause of concern. Much disinformation and twisting of truth is taking place on all sides of the debate. Please pray that a way forward may be found that respects the closeness of the referendum result and brings the country together rather than dividing it further

12th May

Violent Protests in South East Europe. Please Pray

Thousands of Albanians have been protesting against Prime Minister Edi Rama, with some throwing petrol bombs at his office. For the last three months, there have been anti-government demonstrations in Albania. Mr Rama faces allegations of electoral fraud and corruption. Opposition leader Lulzim Basha urged crowds to continue protests until Mr Rama steps down from power.

14th May

It is very concerning that a leading Conservative politician should call for spending on defence. We should be seeking peace and spending more on the social problems in our country and on refugees and asylum seekers

15th May

Today is Internation Conscientous Objector Day. Further information is here about this very significant day. Please offer a prayer day for those who have, and still, stood firm for peace over violence.

18th May

The Eurovision Song Contest is in Tel Aviv today. Artists have been banned from making political statements. It is a travesty that this event is being held there when there is so much suffering in Gaza.

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