9th August

To mark Hiroshima and Nagasaki days Church & Peace have released a press statement./ You may read it here PR Appeal World without Nuclear Weapons 07082019.

24th July

Here is a letter sent from NCPO to Boris Johnson on his appointment as Prime Minister NCPO Boris J Letter final

12th July

I have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Austria, Italy and Switzerland. All my travelling was by train which gave plenty of time for personal reflection whilst watching the scenery go by. I came back wonderfully refreshed. One of my observations was the camparison between the fortress mentality of getting in and out of the UK as opposed to the seamless crossing of borders between Switzerland and the EU.

22nd June

Today is the first National Windrush Day.

20th June

Amazing news!

In the last few minutes the Court of Appeal has ruled that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are UNLAWFUL.

The Court found that the government had failed to properly assess whether there have been breaches of International Humanitarian Law.

This historic judgment means that the government must now stop issuing new arms exports licences and suspend existing licences to export arms to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen, and retake all decisions in accordance with the law.

These sales should never have been licensed in the first place. Even as schools, hospitals, weddings, and funerals have been bombed, the government has licensed the sale of billions of pounds of weapons for use in the conflict.

We have now shown that these arms sales were not just immoral, but also unlawful.

But even now the government is likely to resist. Every step of the way it has done all it can to keep the weapons flowing.

We need MPs to know about this ruling, to keep building the pressure to stop these sales once and for all.

Please email your MP today and help us make this count:

In solidarity,

Campaign Against Arms Trade

19th June

37,000 people a day are forcibly displaced by fleeing conflict, war or persecution last year. That is 70.8 million people last year. Our news headlines are Tory Election Contest & Woman knocked down by royal convoy police motorbike. Something is terribly wrong with our world.

16th June

Violence flares again in Kenya with seven policeman killed by a roadside bomb. Please pray for an end to the violence.

13th June

The June Newslink has been added to the website

Outline details of the Celebration of CfR at Barnes Close are

Please let us know if you are coming. Email Ian if you need overnight accommodation

11th June

Blog re-ordered to put latest news first

Please add your prayers to PEACE SERVICE FOR THE UKRAINE more details on the linked poster

9th June

Today is Pentecost when we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the early church. We pray for a fresh outpouring upon individuals and the church today. We pray for a listening to the truth, repentance for sin, a desire to follow Christ and an ever depening discipleship.

8th June – received from Birmingham City of Sanctuary

Refugee Week will soon be here – starting on 17th June – and we’d like to draw your attention to three events in particular:
Wednesday 19th June 1-2.30 p.m. – Sanctuary Films in Birmingham Council Chambers, Birmingham City Council B1 1BB
Asylum Matters will be showing 3 short films about refugee lives in Birmingham. One of which is from the Sanctuary Stories project we ran last year with St. Chad’s Sanctuary, where refugees recorded their oral histories and gave them to the Birmingham Museum who placed them in their permanent collection. The other films were made with three local organisations Hope Projects, BIRCH and Fatima House who support and house asylum seekers in the city. We will have refugee speakers and an opportunity to listen to some of the oral histories. Asylum Matters is a partner organisation to City of Sanctuary.
Wednesday 19th June 7.30 p.m. Carrs Lane Church, B4 7SX HOMEa play written and performed by asylum-seeker and refugee students from St Chad’s Sanctuary. Free, with a retiring collection for St Chad’s Sanctuary.
Saturday 22nd June, 1 p.m. Cannon Hill Park – Picnic in the Park with food and refreshments, games and activities. Our annual City of Sanctuary Picnic!
Details of many other events during Refugee Week can be found at
As well as these public events, the 30+ schools in our network are planning special curriculum days, speakers, poetry workshops, events, and many more exciting things.
Looking beyond Refugee Week,many of you will be aware of the work done by Freedom From Torture to support  asylum-seekers and refugees who have been victims of torture. A marathon bike-ride, Cycle Against Torture, from Hastings to Edinburgh, will be passing through BIrmingham in July and to mark their visit, a performance of Feeding the Darkness by Journeymen Theatre will take place at Bull Street Quaker Meeting House (Priory Rooms), B4 6AF, on Thursday 11th July at 7 p.m. with discussion afterwards with Freedom from Torture staff and some of the cyclists.

6th June

As we commemorate the D-Day landings and the sacrifice paid by so many in order that Europe might be free let us give thank that Europe has been free of war for so long. We should also remember and give thanks for the EU, initially set up to ensure peace and co-operation in Europe

5th June

Supporters of the Palestinians might be interested in this

3rd June

Donald Trump has arrived in the UK for only the third state visit of a USA President during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Whilst it is appropriate for the UK government to have conversations and good relations with other governments and leaders we question whether it is appropriate to make it a State Visit with all that implies.

2nd June

Concerning news from the Golan Heights, Israeli troops have fired into Syria killing three Syrian soldiers. This is allegedly in response to shots fired at the Golan Heights that did not cause injury or death.

1st June

New Prayer Calendar added

30th May

Today is Ascension Day when we rememember the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ from earth to his throne in heaven. In doing so we need to ensure that he is enthroned in our hearts as our Lord, King and Saviour. Take time out today to reflect upon this.

27th May

The European Elections show just how divided we are in the UK. The Brexit Party were the clear winners but when the UKIP vote is added to theirs they are still way behind the clear remain parties, namely Liberal Democrats, Greens, SNP, Plaid Cymru and Change UK. Conservative and Labour who tried to hold the middle ground were soundly beaten. ‘Remain’ acheived 40.4%, ‘Leave’ achieved 34.9%, and ‘Lab/Con’ 23.2%. It is difficult to draw any conclusion from this other than we are a divided country in which more people wish to stay in the EU than leave. It was not a ‘first past the post’ election, vote share was taken into account. We need to pray for those taking this country forward and for the Conservative Party as it seeks a new leader at this time of deep crisis, both for itself and for the UK.

18th May

The Eurovision Song Contest is in Tel Aviv today. Artists have been banned from making political statements. It is a travesty that this event is being held there when there is so much suffering in Gaza.

15th May

Today is Internation Conscientous Objector Day. Further information is here about this very significant day. Please offer a prayer day for those who have, and still, stood firm for peace over violence.

14th May

It is very concerning that a leading Conservative politician should call for spending on defence. We should be seeking peace and spending more on the social problems in our country and on refugees and asylum seekers

12th May

Violent Protests in South East Europe. Please Pray

Thousands of Albanians have been protesting against Prime Minister Edi Rama, with some throwing petrol bombs at his office. For the last three months, there have been anti-government demonstrations in Albania. Mr Rama faces allegations of electoral fraud and corruption. Opposition leader Lulzim Basha urged crowds to continue protests until Mr Rama steps down from power.

10th May

The divisions in the UK over Brexit are a great cause of concern. Much disinformation and twisting of truth is taking place on all sides of the debate. Please pray that a way forward may be found that respects the closeness of the referendum result and brings the country together rather than dividing it further

9th May

Andy has found four young people to go out to Romania to help with the summer youth camp. Please pray for the planning, preparation and that the necessary finance may be found.

5th May

More violence in Gaza. Please pray for it to end

26th April

Had a very good Easter weekend when we welcomed a small number of residential guests and some local visitors for evening meals

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