About CfR

Why CfR?

CfR was set up to be a distinctive voice in peace and reconciliation in that its home would also be a retreat house modelling its aims and ideals. FRom the outset the vision was to have a team of people living in community and servicing the work of the community and the needs of the guests.

Why Reconciliation?

Relationships are broken in many situations – between individuals within family life, in churches and in society at local, national and international levels. Reconciliation is positive and often costly. It involves finding a creative way forward where there are differences; healing where there is hurt; opposing injustice and working for peace. We therefore seek reconciliation within ourselves, between people and between God and us. At the heart of this is the costly sacrifice of Jesus, bringing about our reconciliation to God.

CfR Today

The original vision is still at the heart of what we do but we have had to adapt our thinking to meet the needs of the 21st Century and of running a retreat house and conference centre. CfR is led by our Community Coordinator, Ian Ring, who is also the Minister of the Beacon Church Centre, Rubery. Following the links in the heading will enable you to discover about CfR and how we can help you.

Would You Like to Know More?

If so then follow the menu links and find out more about our…

  • Centre at Barnes Close where we run our Programme and welcome guests on Personal Retreat and Groups for their own Programme
  • Our Work in the UK away from Barnes Close
  • International Work where we support work in Afghanistan, Croatia, Romania, East Africa and India.
  • Mission Statement, why we do what we do
  • History of Barnes Close and The Community for Reconciliation
  • Finance or how we get the money to do our work
  • Structure and Committees if you are interested in the organisation