CfR Village India Aid

This projecy is dormant whilst we focus on other work


  • To encourage farmers and villages, giving hope where there is currently despair
  • Through supporting projects that encourage the restoration of self-supporting agriculture in India, reversing the damage caused by cash crop farming
  • And channelling grants to thses projects as well as personnel and education, aiding in the relief of poverty found in India’s rural communities.


A few of the projects we were involved with are:

  • Rainwater harvesting in in partnership with CERE (Centre for Research and Environmental Education) based in Mumbai. This project focuses on recharging bore wells and involving the local community in water management.
  • Neem awareness. The Neem tree plays a central part in village life being used for pesticide, fertilizer, mosquito repellent, tick control, body hygiene and medicine. VIA works with other organisations to promote the growing and use of the tree in India.
  • Farmers groups and villages. Helping to fund the initial costs for those farmers and villages that have indicated a willingness to return to traditional methods of cotton growing and production of other crops

We also explored how micro-credit schemes can help the situation of widespread debt in rural India.