CfR East Africa – Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi

(Formerley United Africa Aid)

Project Ambassador: Jan Scott


  • To encourage the ministry of reconciliation within areas of conflict in East Africa.
  • To channel gifts and grants from individuals and trusts to assist the work of PHARP and SEDS (see below) and other partners in East Africa.
  • To support these projects through prayer and personnel .


A few of the projects we are involved with are:

  • The Mathare Valley is a densely populated shanty town about 5kms from Nairobi, Kenya. Here Maji Mazuri works to improve the situation of poverty, lack of education and safety particularly for the children and women living in the valley, by providing finance for micro projects, schools, youth centres and health centres.


  • PHARP (Peacebuilding, Healing and Reconciliation Projects) has an extensive programme in Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan. Based in Nairobi PHARP’s mission is to foster Godly peace in hurting communities. Their work seeks to heal trauma, seek peace and bring about sustainable livlihoods.


  • Although part of PHARP the work in Rwanda is organised and run locally, largely independent of the Nairobi office. we are currently raising money for goats and pigs

In Burundi we mainly support ICRP Initiatives Communautaires pour la Réduction de la Pauvreté au Burundi working with poor farming communities

For further information about the work of CfR East Africa please contact us.

Gifts should be made out to ‘Community for Reconciliation’, marked for ‘Un-Afr-Aid’ and sent to Barnes Close. These can be gift-aided if you sign the appropriate form.

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PHARP, Nairobi (Peacebuilding Healing and Reconciliation Projects)
Maji Mazuri Centre, Mathare Valley, Nairobi

Maji Mazuri Trust, based in the UK