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International Conscientious Objectors Day is marked around the world each year on 15 May.
In London each year a brief ceremony is held at the Commemorative Stone, during which the names of representative people who ‘maintained the right to refuse to kill’ are read out and white flowers are laid on the Stone for each of the people remembered.

Church & Peace have issued a PR 70 years CuP 19052019 to mark their 7oth birthday

Rethinking Security have published a paper on Brexit. Brexit peace security parliamentary briefing final.docx

Church and Peace have published a paper on the European Peace Project PR_SavetheEuropeanPeaceProject_04022019

NCPO (Network of Christian Peace Organisations) have published a paper on the Nuclear Ban Final2019NCPONuclear BanBriefing

The Movement for the Abolition of War have a day conference in London on 29 June 2019, Save The Earth, Abolish War Click the link for details

Details of Christian CND events can be found here

Network for Peace maintain a calendar of events which you can find here

General Information

The future of Barnes Close

The Trustees have decided to sell Barnes Close. It is our hope that a seamless transfer will take place and that Barnes Close will continue to be used for Christian purposes.

Meanwhile at Barnes Close

We are still taking bookings for individual and small group retreats, our summer cream teas and other bookings

New Possibilities at Barnes Close

This summer as well as our Cream Teas we are offering churches and groups the chance to come for a picnic at Barnes Close. We will provide the venue and hot & cold drinks, you bring your cold food.

What’s Currently Happening

We are currently running Reflection Days at Barnes Close on the 2nd Thursday of each month.

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Membership Renewal 2019 Personal


Coming up at Barnes Close



CfR is a network community of people committed to:

  • Praying and working for peace and justice,
  • Supporting work in East Africa, Croatia, Romania, India, Afghanistan and the United Kingdom
  • Operating Barnes Close, a conference centre near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

Information about our international projects can be found on the “Internastional Work” menu.

The “Barnes Close Conference Centre” menu has details about facilities, events and bookings.

General information about CfR can be found on the “About CfR” menu

When did you last come to Barnes Close?

Do you remember Barnes Close? Have you visited us in the past? We invite you to come along and see the improvements we have made.  And if you never been before, drop in anyway.

Please email cfrpeace@gmail.com or phone (01562 710231) us first so we can put the kettle on!

The Community for Reconciliation is an ecumenical network community of Christians committed to working and praying for peace and reconciliation. CfR is based at Barnes Close near Bromsgrove in Worcestershire and it is here that it runs its programme of events.

CfR’s patrons are

Major Peter Forrest, Divisional Commander, Salvation Army

Rev Steve Faber, Moderator West Midlands Synod, United Reformed Church

Rev Ian Howarth, District Chair, Methodist Church

Vacant, Heart of England Baptist Association

Most Rev Bernard Longley, Archbishop of Birmingham, Catholic

Rt Rev John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, Church of England

Rt Rev David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingham Church of England

Rev Michael Davies, former Moderator, United Reformed Church

Rev John Johansen-Berg, Founder of Community for Reconciliation

Rev Joan Johansen-Berg, Founder of Community for Reconciliation

Rev Joe Aldred, Bishop, Council of Black Led Churches